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My weekend started at 4:00pm on Friday with a drive north to B'ham.  NordicBoy and I stayed with my fabu uncle, TheCurmudgeonlyGourmet and his lovely wife, so that we could get up at 4:45 on Saturday morning to get to THE OLYMPIC GAMES!  O.M.G!  So fun!  We went on Saturday to see the Women's 30K Cross-Country Skiing (Classic Style) Mass-Start race.  Yes, that's a mouthful...and so was the excellent poutine we had for second breakfast when we got there. :-D Natrually, we cheered for the Norwegian racers the hardest--and one of them took the silver medal, as a matter of fact. And we got to see history happen as Justyna Kowalczyk (sp??) won the gold.  The first winter event women's gold medal Poland as ever won. Pretty cool, no?  The Polish fans there certainly thought so. :-D

Although the day started far too early and the weather was far too wet (it rained through the first hour or so of the 90-minute race), it was absolutely fantastic!  I mean, dude, when are the Olympics ever going to be that close again, right?  And getting there was easy: drive to Burnaby, park, take Olympic shuttle bus up to Whistler, enjoy event, take Olympic shuttle bus back to Burnaby, meet the lovely [ profile] arden_baird for dinner, and then head home.  Boarder crossings were a breeze both directions, too.  (I suspect that wasn't the case today, but it certainly was on Saturday.)  My only small disappointment was the inability to buy the fabulous Canadian mittens!  They didn't have them at the venues, only in town (Wistler Village and Vancouver).  Fortunately, arden_baird said she'd try to pick up a pair for me in town.  ::fingers crossed::

Sunday wasn't low-key either, although it was more normal.  Cycle class with [ profile] jaunthie in the morning, GreenStage audition in the afternoon, and then a clothing party at a friend's house.  All in all, good stuff.  My only regret is that I haven't managed to get to the climbing gym since last Wednesday evening, and I don't know when I'm going to be able to.  Maybe Saturday morning?  ::fingers crossed again::  

Sunday evening was spent in cozy style with NordicBoy and the kitties, having a tasty dinner and watching the Closing Ceremony.  Loved the little send-up of/homage to the mechanical failure they had during the Opening Ceremony.  LOL!  Now my only question is: where do I find one of those giant, inflatable beavers??  I'll have to check ebay for them. ;-D
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I was going to go to the gym this morning.  Theoretically, I had an appt. at 11:30--not that the trainer in question ever called Friday to confirm like he said he would.  But at 11 (and with some warning, so don't think it was all WTF?!) my SIL and her fam stopped by.  They'd just gotten their tree at a local stand near us.  The fam includes our 3-yr-old niece (godshelpmeandthecat), and at 11:15 I decided better to call and genuinely cancel the theoretical appt at the gym, which I did.  I was all dressed to go and everything, but the familial part of me said stay and visit, you don't see them often, and the cat will be in dear need of protection from the well-meaning but uncomprehending carpet troll.  I will point out, however, that after they'd gone, NordicBoy and I walked down to see the new Mountaineers Clubhouse down at Magnuson, so I've not been sitting on my ass all day.  They had an open house today so we checked it out.  Very, very nice!  And a good walk, too, since it's 2+ miles each way with much uphillness.  The GreenStage part of me is dead jealous of the renovations they did and how fantastic the space is now.  And the loo!  OMG!  Fabulous!  So, yeah, jealous.  GS's storage space is down there, very nearby, has no loo but the port-o-john outside, is freezing cold and inadequately lit, and the light switches aren't even in the same room.  ::sigh::  Yay for the Mountaineers, but why the hell is it so tough to get monetary support for the arts in this fucking country?  I mean, I was reading the Mariners updates today, and Raul Ibanez got something like a $2M signing bonus with the Phillies.  Not to begrudge him or anything--he's an awesome player and an even better human being--but oh what GS could do with a tenth of that, you know?

Okay.  Enough whinging.  Things to do.  Chocolate to cook.  Ta.

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I wish I could remember.  Lemme see...


Watched Olympics.

Bought new running shoes and some spiffy new gear incl. an REI garage sale find of some fabu shorts (to go with the awesome REI garage sale find from last week of some "water ready" slip-on shoes).

Watched Olympics some more.


Got up way too freakin' early (thank you, Morag).

Watched more Olympics.

Went to gym and ran 2.25 miles on the treadmill - random hilly setting.  I've never even run one mile on anything without throwing up before, and there I ran 2.25 without even a pause for a catch-your-breat-tenth-of-a-mile.  Yay me, no?  Fuck yeah!  Oh. And, no, I did not then go find somewhere to puke.

Watched more Olympics.

Went to GreenStage season closer barbecue.

Watched more Olympics.


Rejoiced that the temperature dropped 25 degrees overnight.

Picked blackberries in the blessed morning drizzle.

Did much, much laundry.

Watched much, much Olympics.

Went to reading of King John.  Way better script than Anthony and Cleopatra, IMO.  If GS choose to do it next summer, I'm hooking them up with Sanafi because they'll need a kid who can deliver some serious prose and probably a bit of iambic pentameter.


Much, much gym.

And now I needs must vote.

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