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Oh yeah. We GOT SHIT DONE.  I'm having a helluva time motivating myself today.  At least some quality time has been spent making the kitties happy.  Otherwise, it's been WW this morning and sitting on the couch wasting time on the intarwebs.  Bleh, bleh, bleh. 

I want to work on editing, but my own ms needs to marinate before I get back into it.  I know that the two manuscripts I'm waiting to beta are coming; they're just being delayed but RL nonsense and obligations.  Still.  Hrm.  It's a gorgeous day, too.  I should go outside or something.  I'd really like to go back to bed, to be honest.  Snuggle-kitties are snuggly--sometimes too snuggly.  Last night was one of those times.  ::yawn::  Maybe I'll go run that errand that needs running.  If I can just get up the gumption to get up.  Blarg.
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More cuteness behind the cut... )She's very sweet and loves to play. She's still a little skittish, but she's not shy. :)


Apr. 14th, 2009 03:43 pm
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I actually wrote something today.  Normally that wouldn't be anything unusual, but I hadn't actually written anything since before my MIL and my kitty both passed away--now two-plus weeks ago.  I didn't write a lot.  Just an installment of a round-robin for another blog I'm on.  But it's something and I'm very glad to have accomplished even that small thing.  Let's hope it opens a floodgate, eh?
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I know that I don't really want to be bored or anything like that, but is it too much to ask to be on an even keel?  See, the universe has seen fit lately to give me news that is either FANTASTIC or SHITTY, and sometimes both at once.  Thanksverymuchnotatall.  There's been very little new that is in between.

Case in point:
I still haven't found an editor whose style works with mine and it seems likely I won't at my current publisher.
I just got the lead in Proof at one of my fave local theatres and with one of my fave directors, and I get to work with a friend I'm very excited to work with.

Case in point:
Two friends were up for the same job.  (You see where this one goes, right?)

Case in point:
The cat has decided that the entryway is her new litterbox.
She's apparently not ill in any new way, just stubborn and crotchety.

See what I mean?  So, universe, if you're listening, which I'm sure you're not but what the hell, can we please have a little less of the teetertotter action for a while?  Or, heck, how about just good stuff for the next long while?  That'd be swell.

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Thank you to everyone who's expressed support and good wishes!  Morag is home now, had some dinner (mmm...chicken!), had all three of her meds (oy!), and is currently snuggled up on NordicBoy's lap while I post the good news everywhere I can. :D

I learned to give her sub-cu fluids tonight.  Amazing how much easier it is to reconciling oneself to it when one has had a couple of cocktails.  (Don't tell the vet!) But I also kept reminding myself that I have pierced several people's ears, including my own, so I certainly ought to be able to stick a little needle into a kitty.
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We spent an hour at the vets' with Morag.  She was much more alert when we arrived, and she yummed up a little bonito and a greenie, too.  Then she snuggled in and we had some nice scritchies and lap time before they had to take her back for more treatments.

X-rays showed nothing in particular.  They'll follow up with an ultrasound tomorrow, and by then the urine culture should be back so they can tell if it's a kidney infection or something like that that just hit her very quickly.
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Our sweet kitty is sick.  We took her into the emergency vet at about a quarter to five this morning.  She's still there getting intravenous fluids and stuff.  Please send positive energy her way.  She's getting a little better, but we still don't know what's going to happen.

ETA: She's stabilized enough for x-rays. More news as we get it.
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Usually, that's true. Or if it does snow, the snow only hangs around for a day or two, tops.  This year however...

Snow started last Saturday.  It hung around until Wednesday, when they predicted a big storm that didn't come--until Thursday.  A couple more inches fell, which isn't much to people in the Midwest.  But people in the Midwest don't have hills, so their perspective is different.  In fact, Thursday there was enough snow that NordicBoy skied to work.  Fortunately, it's only about four miles each way. 

I've had a few snowy adventures: trying to get to Weight WAtchers only to discover they were closed; going grocery shopping and walking home through the snow; that sort of stuff. , Frankly, I've loved it.  I baked a lot.  That's always a good thing. Got all the prezzies together, although they're not wrapped, but that'll get done eventually. Got the stuff that needed shipping shipped out the day before the second snow hit.  And managed to get to REI to pick up my order before people were coming over for gingerbread.  You see, today was the annual Rankin-Bass Gingerbread party and NordicBoy and I hosted this year.  The third snow started falling this afternoon while we were desecrating gingerbread.  Here are a few choice pics from the festivities.

Pics behind the cut... )
All in all, another successful gathering.  In spite of the snow.  :)

And now I'm snuggled up on the sofa with the cozy kitty, who is nicely full of smoked salmon.  That's a good day.

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I was going to go to the gym this morning.  Theoretically, I had an appt. at 11:30--not that the trainer in question ever called Friday to confirm like he said he would.  But at 11 (and with some warning, so don't think it was all WTF?!) my SIL and her fam stopped by.  They'd just gotten their tree at a local stand near us.  The fam includes our 3-yr-old niece (godshelpmeandthecat), and at 11:15 I decided better to call and genuinely cancel the theoretical appt at the gym, which I did.  I was all dressed to go and everything, but the familial part of me said stay and visit, you don't see them often, and the cat will be in dear need of protection from the well-meaning but uncomprehending carpet troll.  I will point out, however, that after they'd gone, NordicBoy and I walked down to see the new Mountaineers Clubhouse down at Magnuson, so I've not been sitting on my ass all day.  They had an open house today so we checked it out.  Very, very nice!  And a good walk, too, since it's 2+ miles each way with much uphillness.  The GreenStage part of me is dead jealous of the renovations they did and how fantastic the space is now.  And the loo!  OMG!  Fabulous!  So, yeah, jealous.  GS's storage space is down there, very nearby, has no loo but the port-o-john outside, is freezing cold and inadequately lit, and the light switches aren't even in the same room.  ::sigh::  Yay for the Mountaineers, but why the hell is it so tough to get monetary support for the arts in this fucking country?  I mean, I was reading the Mariners updates today, and Raul Ibanez got something like a $2M signing bonus with the Phillies.  Not to begrudge him or anything--he's an awesome player and an even better human being--but oh what GS could do with a tenth of that, you know?

Okay.  Enough whinging.  Things to do.  Chocolate to cook.  Ta.

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