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Mar. 31st, 2009 12:44 pm
monkeybard: (sick but snuggly)
More pics of my pretty kitty )
monkeybard: (sick but snuggly)
Thanks to everyone who's sent love and hugs.  This weekend has sucked majorly.  We lost my MIL on Saturday evening, and our kitty on Monday.  I can't even get excited that my author copies came yesterday.  They're lovely, but they're not as important as the things we lost.  Here's another pic of sweet, crotchety, opinionated, snuggly Morag.  More when LJ is behaving.

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This weekend was the Highland Games and I got to go for the first time in at least four years! Yay! NordicBoy, [profile] ravenzanne  , and I spent the whole day Saturday at the fair grounds wandering about, shopping, eating, listening to fabulous music (The Wicked Tinkers; Tempest; random pipe bands practicing for the competition...), chilling out at the Clan MacNeil tent, looking at the cute puppies, and generally just having a fantastic time. There were more vedors than usual due to the (otherwise unfortunate) cancellation of a local RenFaire, and there were definitely renfaire-goers who came to the Games instead. (You could tell by the unusual proliferation of people wearing coin hip-scarves.) However, and strangely, it felt less crowded and overwhelming than it ever has in the past. That might have had something to do with the weather (bipolar and unpredictable); having a tent to hang at (the aforemention and fabulous MacNeils); and the fact that I had no agenda other than just to hang out and have a good time. I did splurge on a silver medallion with (Hee, hee! this is so perverse you're gonna laugh.) the Scottish Thistle on one side and ( ::giggle, snort:: ) the Tudor Rose on the other. Bwahahaha! I had to. It's so "me"! As Sanafi said when she saw it and when she stopped cackling with mirth, "You've got Mary on one side and Elizabeth on the other!" Of course, I also love it 'cause the Tudor Rose is Shakepeare's rose, and with my Scottish hertiage represented on the other side it just makes me happy. :D

We stayed into the evening to barbecue with the Celtic Hodge Podge (a big group of friends who go for the weekend and camp). Plus we had a suprise celebration for The Kilted Fairy's (a.k.a SnowNinja) birthday. That was way fun. She loved it while cursing us and our deviousness the whole time. ;D

It was fabu to get to hang out with ravenzanne all day. We've mostly only hung out at group functions at someone's house, and of course she's spent the last three Wednesday evenings helping me get my singing voice back in shape for my audition this week. (Gods help me, I haven't done a musical since 2000 and was I soooooo rusty! ::shudder:: Thank you again, ravenzanne, for all your help!) Other than that, though, we've never just hung out. Well, at the spa, but that's another world entirely. So, yay for hanging with ravenzanne! I assisted her in a purchase, too! (Well, my superhero/supervillain persona of The Enabler did. *weg* )

Sunday was a pretty chillin' out sort of day. NordicBoy caramelized some sliced apples and I made almond buckwheat pancakes for breakfast. Yummy! We walked around Greenlake and had a nice "lunner" at a local Mexican restaurant. Then last night we met up with my bro and went to see my friend Rose Laughlin (a.k.a. RamblinRose) perform. She had Kat Eggleston and Mike Kirkpatrick (I looked. He doesn't appear to have a website.) with her, too. What a treat! The rootbeer float was just the icing on the cake of a wonderful evening.

Finally, I must give credit where it is due to Her Highness Morag McKitty who, for three mornings in a row now, has allowed us mere humans to sleep until we were ready to get up. Thank you, sweet kitty! Keep up the goodness!  It made the weekend (and this morning) that much better!

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