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I'm not one to do thoughtful year-in-review posts. I mean, do I really want to walk down memory lane? Not especially. On the whole, 2013 didn't suck, nor did it rock. It was...good. I danced and climbed and flew and wrote. I went to the wedding of two dear friends who a year earlier couldn't have been legally wed. I saw some friends who I love and didn't see other friends who I love. Those are some highlights. (I will not mention lowlights as I do my best not to remember them. Never ask me my most embarrassing moment; I genuinely do not remember it.)

My highest highlight of 2013: I performed a role that I had been wanting to play for a quarter of a century in my all-time favourite Shakespeare play. As Sanafi Monkey put it, I got to play "The third most evil woman in all of Shakespeare." :-D The run of the show was a pleasure and a privilege, and I will always treasure the memories and the friendships of this particular summer in the parks.

Happy 2014, everyone. Let's hope it's a good one!
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I hope everyone on my flist had an enjoyable Hogmanay! Things here were mellow and fun, and involved some uproariously funny MadLibs. ;-D

I'm done with my daily drabbling for the time being. I hope anyone reading them had fun. I'll be gathering related drabbles into single posts for easy reading, FYI.

That is all. Happy 2013!

No Prompts

Jan. 2nd, 2012 05:51 pm
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I've had fun the past four months writing fanfic off of reader-supplied prompts, but I'm done. See, the whole exercise has gone over with a success somewhere between a lead balloon (which the MythBusters proved can fly under very specific circumstances) and a bag of bricks (which we do not need the MythBusters to tell us will not fly under any circumstances). Thank you to everyone who provided me with a prompt, and to all those who read and commented on the resultant fic. I appreciate it!

I hope my flist all had a pleasant holiday season! Happy 2012!


Jan. 1st, 2010 03:29 pm
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Happy New Year, my dear flist!  I hope everyone rang in the new with fun and festivity!
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I hope everyone had a safe and fun New Year's Eve celebration!  We certainly did at our house.  Lots of good friends and too much good food (although not as much too much as in past years, thank the gods!) and the fireworks on the Needle actually went off this year. ;)  [ profile] sunkrux, you were missed!

Now much of the mess is cleaned up, only one wine glass was broken and that was as I took it out of the dishwasher this a.m., We have so much open wine red that I'm seriously considering going to PCC for onions and beef broth so I can make French onion soup tonight just to use up some of it.  No one appears to have left any dishes behind for once.  And all the frozen nibblies that I bought are still frozen.  *sigh*  That's what I get, I suppose, for trying to plan.  Still, I had one of [ profile] jaunthie's yummy whole wheat chesse scones for breakfast (and I'll probably have another in a mo) and it was lovely with my morning java (which had a splash of leftover hot buttered rum in it).  Feeling is still returning to my toes from the ridiculously high heeled shoes I wore last night--but at least I got my $3 out of them in one night!  I can send them back to Value Village knowing they have served their purpose in my life. ;)  Okay.  Methinks it's time for another cuppa java.

Happy New Year, all!

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