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Title: Holiday Handful – Five Fics for the Festive Season
Author: MonkeyBard
Universe: BBC-Sherlock
Ratings: Varied (mostly PG-13, but each has its own rating below)
Total word count: 2779
Warnings: Watson whumpage of the mental and physical kinds; language, drinking; general silliness. Any other warnings are listed with the relevant fic. Beta by absolutely no one. Seeing as these are for my usual beta-reader, methylviolet10b, it seemed rude to ask her to beta them. ;-)
Author's notes: I considered posting one of these a day for five days, but I think I'd best just slap them all up at once while I know I have time and an internet connection.
Disclaimer: They're not mine. There. I said it.
Prompt from [ profile] methylviolet10b: Amanuensis, gingerbread, foible, turgid, solecistic. Use as many or as few of those as inspires you, in one fic or many. Double giggle points if you work in the original phrase behind the meaning of amanuensis, "slave at hand."
Thanks, btw, this was about the most random collection of words I could have imagined. ;-P

Foible (PG-13, language)
Word count: 878

John did not hate American tourists. )


Solecistic (PG)
Word count: 391

They met up at a pub in Piccadilly... )


Turgid (PG-13, language)
Word count: 684

John grimaced in pain and bit back a string of invective. )


Amanuensis (R; slash; D/s & BDSM suggested)
Word count: 100 words

"You cannot be offering to help me address Christmas cards." )


Gingerbread (PG)
Word count: 883

John hadn't expected to find himself back at the Holmes family estate so soon, and certainly not for the holidays. )
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Title: Frozen/Ice
Universe: BBC-Sherlock
Rating: PG-13, language
Length: 221 x 2 (Yes, they are two connected 221b fics.)
Prompt: How about "ice" and "frozen"?
Warnings: Crack!Fic and Lestrade whumpage.
Disclaimers: Wish they were mine, but I only play with them and then put them away nicely. Or sort of nicely. Well, okay. I just put them away.
Thanks to morganstuart for the perfect prompt to send my wee, twisted brain back to a cracky little universe that I love. I doubt this is anything you were expecting, but you might take some little consolation in knowing that it isn't anything I was expecting either. ;-)
Author's Notes: Most excellent and swift beta by methylviolet10b! Many thanks!
If anyone is curious as to the origin of this universe, that story can be found on LJ here: Foxhole or on my website here: Foxhole.

No lutefisk curry was involved in the writing of these fics.

Frozen/Ice )
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I'm taking prompts up until midnight (in whatever time zone, I'm not picky) tonight. If you have one, you can post it over here.
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Title: Kindred Spirits
Author: MonkeyBard
Universe(s): Sir Arthur Conan' Doyle's The Lost World and Firefly
Rating: PG
Length: 1642 words
Reader prompt(s): Surprise me:
TLW - do I really have to tell you who I like best?
Firefly - Mal/Inara

Thanks to [ profile] sunkrux for the prompt(s). I think where they took me will, in fact, surprise you. ;-)
Author's notes: Tremendous thanks to [ profile] morganstuart for generously allowing me to borrow her wonderful Thousand Faces. If you're not familiar with that fine establishment, I strongly recommend going and reading her outstanding fic Four at the Thousand Faces. It's not necessary to read that in order to read this, but you're missing treat if you don't visit morganstuart's LJ and read it right away.
Thanks to [ profile] methylviolet10b for the beta! Any remaining errors are mine alone.

Marguerite and John stood side by side... )


Nov. 1st, 2011 06:16 pm
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You guys know the drill by now, right? Leave me a prompt in the comments. I will post at minimum a drabble on one of them. I'm probably insane doing this when NaNoWriMo started TODAY, but I'm pretty sure I'm already certifiable so what's one more layer of insanity?

Possible fandoms (specify if you want, or leave it up to me):

(Yeah the list keeps morphing. What of it? Keeps things interesting.)

Feel free to suggest a x-over too if you want. Doesn't mean I'll take it, but you never know.
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Title: Family Tree
Author: MonkeyBard
Universe: BBC-Sherlock
Rating: PG
Length: 3848
Disclaimer: We all know they're not mine, right?
Warnings: Pumpkins and spookiness
Author's Notes: Passing references to methylviolet10b's "Jackets" and my "However Improbable", but you certainly don't need to have read those to read this.
Reader Prompts: Sherlock, John, Lestrade. One of the three of them is allergic to pumpkin. Which one? How does this come to light? Is it cracky or angsty or a complete left-field comment that has nothing to do with the rest of the fic? Up to you, of course. :-D And yeah, seasonal. So sue me. ;-)
And here's a second one, just because: Sherlock takes John to visit the ancestral estate, visit with Mummy, etc. The family ghosts are *delighted* to have a visitor who can actually take notice of them, unlike the Holmeses. ;-)

Thanks to [ profile] methylviolet10b for both prompts.

John felt a wash of relief. )
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Title: A Good Day
Author: MonkeyBard
Universe: NCIS
Rating: PG-13 for violence
Length: 1378
Reader prompt: We have Gibbs (the ex marine), Ziva (the ex Mossad agent) and Tony (the ex cop)....all pretty kick ass in their own right, but I would love to see a story where it's the resident nerd, McGee, who saves the day. And not necessarily by using his brains. Bonus points if you can work in a kiss, a reference to Shakespeare and a dill pickle. ;)
Thanks to [ profile] ryalin1 for giving me an excuse to visit a show I love but have never ficced before! Sorry I couldn't work in the kiss, but I hope I still get partial credit for the dill pickle and an obscure Shakespearean reference.
Author's Note: This falls somewhere between "Cover Story" and "Judgment Day, Part 1" (aka, after the team discovers Tim's famous alter ego, Thom E. Gemcity, and before the finale of Season 5). I couldn't do a whole casefic like I wanted, but here at least is act four and the epilogue. Unbeta'd, so any weirdness and/or errors are my own.
Disclaimer: Not mine, blah, blah, woof, woof, etc.

Bagged and tagged. )
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Title: Unbound/Bound
Author: MonkeyBard
Universe: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World
Rating: PG for suggestion
Length: 200 words (Yay, double-drabble!)
Reader prompt: Marguerite has to rescue Roxton (feel free to throw the other characters in as well). Smut is acceptable as well.
Thanks to [ profile] sunkrux for the prompt. I hope you like the result!

Unbound/Bound )
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A week a go I asked for fic prompts. I have four tasty ones already, but if you're interested, pop over today and add your own.


Oct. 1st, 2011 04:23 pm
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It's that time again. Time for me to solicit fic prompts! Here's a quick reminder of what goes on:

[info]methylviolet10b proposed the idea of soliciting prompts once a month in order to keep one's creativity flowing and alert.

"On the 1st of every month, I'll put up a "Prompts?" post. You can leave me a prompt in comments, and if it tickles me, I'll agree to take it and write a fic using said prompt by the end of that month. I will commit to taking at least one of the prompts from the post and writing a fic on it. If I do take on your prompt, I'd appreciate it if you'd comment on the fic/drabble/whatever I produce that uses it.

If you're inclined to play along, you too can put up a "Prompts?" post on the 1st of the month, thereby committing to writing at least one prompt-inspired fic that month. No, you don't have to do this every month, or even ever, even if you give me prompts; I just hope others might find this fun and intriguing. If you let me know (or you're already on my friends list), I'll give you a prompt. :-) Hopefully you will find it amusing/inspiring/giggleworthy.

Now it's again the first of the month and so I'm looking for fic prompts! I'll leave the comments thread open for prompts for a week, until 7 October.Plus, if you want to pick a fandom, I offer this list:

ACD's Sherlock Holmes

If you don't want to pick a fandom, that's fine. I'll pick for you. And if you want to offer a cross-over prompt, feel free. There's always a chance it'll strike my fancy and I'll fic it.  As it turned out in Sept, I wrote three prompt fics utilising all four of the prompts I was given. I don't guarantee that sort of output every month. The only promises I make are that a) I will create a fic for at least ONE prompt, and b) the minimum length of any prompt fic will be 100 words (ie, a drabble).

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As promised, here is prompt fic number two for September. (This and all my other fics are also over here.)

Hidden Talents
Author: MonkeyBard
Universe: BBC-Sherlock
Rating: PG for language
Warning: Beer, an Aussie barbie, and beer.
Word count: 1,777
Summary: John's plans don't go as planned.
Author's notes: I'm combining two separate reader-supplied prompts for this one. Oddly enough, they didn't come together the way I anticipated they would. Unbeta'd.
Prompts: 1) John can breathe fire. As in, take a swig, spit out a stream over a flame, send a plume of flames 10 to 30 feet in the air. Triple word score if you plausibly work in a tie between John having this skill and the Sydney Olympics. ;-)
2) tightrope walking, literal or metaphorical
Thanks to methylviolet10b for the former and spacemutineer for the latter.

John never intended for Sherlock to find out. )
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All right. I promised fic in return for reader-supplied prompts and I shall not let you down. In fact, I shall not let you down twice! Here's the first of two fics spawned by reader prompts. I'll post the second one next Monday. If you like them, perhaps you'll play along next month and offer some prompts of your own. Who knows? Now, on to the fic!

A Misty London Sunday

Author: MonkeyBard
Universe: BBC-Sherlock
Rating: PG for language
Warning: Crack!Fic, plastic robots, and marshmallow fluff
Word count: 1,523
Summary: John arrives home to a very bizarre scene.
Prompt: Sherlock, wearing one of John's jumpers, on a sugar high, discovering MST3K. Preferably a marathon of same.
How did he get in this situation? What happens? That's up to you, of course. ;-) Bonus points if you work in something touching or angsty or heartfelt in this totally cracktastic situation. ;-)

Author's Note: Unbeta'd and utterly insane, not to mention plotless and silly. But it sure was fun to write!
Thanks (or something) to the completely mad [ profile] methylviolet10b for this one.

It wasn't that John expected an effusive and warm welcome home upon his return to 221b. )

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