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My free holiday story is now available from either The Samhellion (click on the Free eBooks link on the left) or my author website.  It's short and steamy and a little bit sweet.  And, naturally, it's m/m.
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My Eclectic Weekend )
So, my weekend in a nutshell:  medieval music and great food and drinks.  Not too darned bad, if a little bit odd in this particular combination.  ;)

Now I need to finish up my stuff for my publisher and get it sent off.  Woot!

Oh!  I almost forgot!  Go check out the free holiday stories over at The Samhellion Blog!  Mine will be up tomorrow. :D

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I didn't realize there were already a week's worth of free stories up on The Samhellion Website!  Just scroll down to the Holiday Freebies. They're even tagged so you know what's sexy and what's sweet.  Ain't that convenient? :D

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FYI, Samhain is going to be releasing a free holiday story each day next week.  (Mine will be up on Tuesday.)  They're all very short and should be quite a fun and eclectic selection.  I'll post links next week when I have them, but I figured a head up was in order.

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