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And it really looks like winter outside, too!  The fluffy snow under the layer of ice under the new layer of fluffy snow with more snow predicted to fall.  Whee!  While I'm sad to be missing [ profile] lemurkitten's Solstice party this evening, I'm happy to see a real winter wonderland outside my windows.  I still want to go to the gathering, but it's just too dangerous out there, IMO.  As safe as NordicBoy and I might be, I just don't trust anyone else out on the roads, esp. after what I've seen of people's driving over the past week. I've been out on foot more than enough to know I don't want to go out on wheels.  And as it gets colder, roads are freezing over. Ugh. ::shakes head::  But at least I've got candles lit here at home and there's shortbread in the oven.  The house smells so yummy!  (The dining room just smells like sugar from the desecrated gingerbread.)

I hope everyone else gets to spend this longest night somewhere cozy and warm with your loved ones!

Happy Solstice!

More snow!

Dec. 21st, 2008 09:31 am
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We got at least another six inches overnight.  It's crazy!  It never stays snowy for this long and it certainly doesn't snow like this in December.  The rare snow we get usually falls in January and melts after a day or two.  But it's been arctic here this past week.  Lowest I saw was 12.1F in our back yard one early morning--I think it was just before 7am on Thursday.  It's NUTS!  But it sure is purty!

Horsechestnut in the snow
Here's our enormous horsechestnut tree this morning.

Antique rose bush
And the antique rose bush in front of the house.

See?  Purty!  And a lovely way to wake up on Winter Solstice morning. :)

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