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That's like spring cleaning, but without the actual cleaning part.Well...maybe a bit of dusting.

I was thrust into resorting and clearing out my book collection recently (long story). As a result, I'm unloading all of my ST:TNG novels. I have the first 40 + 2 "giant novels" + 5 hard covers and they are all GOING AWAY. I also have an ST Official Fan Club mag featuring Data and ST:V. This, too, must go. I suspect Half-Price Books won't take them, but I'm sure Goodwill won't mind. I know I will be glad to have the space back in my house. If anyone wants one or more to, I don't know, fill in a gap in a collection? send as a joke gift to an old friend? let me know in the comments. (I can't imagine you will, but I figured it doesn't hurt to offer/ask.)

ETA: Oh and will you look at that? Dreamwatch Issue 3 featuring Matthew Fox/Lost, Amanda Tapping/Stargate, Dominic Keating/ST:ENT, and the Daleks' "new look". B'bye!
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I saw the new Trek flick this week and I gotta say I really enjoyed it.  I was warned, as a life-long Trekkie, to accept that it's AU and just sit back and enjoy the ride, which I did.  Karl Urban was brilliant.  Simon Pegg can actually do a Scottish accent.  (No offence, Jimmy.  I still loves ya!)  And Zoe Saldana is almost as beautiful as Nichelle Nichols.  All in all, I'd call it the best piece of fanfiction I think I've ever seen.  ;-D

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