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Seattle has a history of putting transormative works on stage. I have fond memories of seeing both ST:TNG and ST:TOS spoofed honoured in this way--in musical form, no less! Now, Seattle Experimental Theatre is planning what looks to be a one-day festival of staged readings of fanfiction.  You can check out all the information here: SET's FanFic Festival Submissions. I'm not sure if I'm more interested in submitting a script or auditioning. LOL!
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YA novel 1st draft edited.
Paranormal novel #1 submitted.
Menage novel pending response.

Oh, and I've been cast in Macbeth.

It's a busy time around here.
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There's nothing like a staff meeting for a functional company to remind you why you do theatre.
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How did I spend this sunny Friday?  Not cooped up in an office, at least!  Instead, most of my day was put towards the behind-the-scenes side of theatre.  I spent about 3.5 hours this afternoon helping finish up the costumes for GreenStage's production of A Comedy of Errors, which opened tonight.  (Hope you guys broke lots of legs!)  Before and after that, I spent several hours creating new marketing materials for Driftwood Players. Want to do some easy fundraising?  Driftwood's got a deal for you!  (Okay, the materials don't say that because that would be cheap and sleazy sounding, but you get the idea.)

Other than that, I watched Torchwood: Children of Earth, Day Three this morning; and NordicBoy and I went for some classic Italian-American food for dinner.  Mmm...spaghetti and meatballs!  Hit every spot that needed hitting, that did.

Tomorrow is the Milk Carton Derby at Greenlake and I believe we're gonna walk over and watch people get wet.  Should be fun!

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I'll be sad when Proof closes tonight. I've had a fantastic time on this show, and working with the rest of the cast has been great.  Roles like this do not come along very often--at least not in my experience--and I'm bummed that my time with it is coming to an end.  So I'm trying to focus on the positive side of finishing up.

I will not miss:
  • the 36-mile round-trip drive to and from the theatre
  • putting on make-up every night
  • the very tight jeans I wear in Act II, Scene 1
  • having to remember all but three pages of the play
  • drinking all that ginger ale that's masquerading as champagne and beer

That's a pretty decent list to hang onto.  I'm not going to list the things I will miss.  That would just bum me out too much.

I am looking forward to:
  • spending more evenings with NordicBoy
  • renting the movie of Proof and seeing how Gwynneth played it differently ;)
  • not driving as much
  • our upcoming trip to Edinburgh

That's pretty decent list, too.  I think I'll leave it at that.

Thanks to everyone who's come to see the show!  Without you, well, who would we show off for?  ;)

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I know that I don't really want to be bored or anything like that, but is it too much to ask to be on an even keel?  See, the universe has seen fit lately to give me news that is either FANTASTIC or SHITTY, and sometimes both at once.  Thanksverymuchnotatall.  There's been very little new that is in between.

Case in point:
I still haven't found an editor whose style works with mine and it seems likely I won't at my current publisher.
I just got the lead in Proof at one of my fave local theatres and with one of my fave directors, and I get to work with a friend I'm very excited to work with.

Case in point:
Two friends were up for the same job.  (You see where this one goes, right?)

Case in point:
The cat has decided that the entryway is her new litterbox.
She's apparently not ill in any new way, just stubborn and crotchety.

See what I mean?  So, universe, if you're listening, which I'm sure you're not but what the hell, can we please have a little less of the teetertotter action for a while?  Or, heck, how about just good stuff for the next long while?  That'd be swell.

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I'm not a fan of Theatre Puget Sound (TPS).  It's petty and vindictive of me, but this article in today's Seattle Times amuses me.

Theatre Puget Sound sends out SOS for $30,000

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