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I went to the Washington Renaissance Fantasy Faire with [ profile] lethlogica  today.  I'd not been to this ren faire before, and it was great to check them out in their new home.  We had a lovely time looking around, shopping, chatting with a random fellow geek who happened to be in front of us in the line for The Holy Grill (Jesus was manning the grill. I kid you not.), oh and did I mention shopping?  Not that either of us bought a lot.  We simply got a few quality pieces. She got a couple of very pretty skirts and a gorgeous red bodice, and I got a treat: a leather bodice from Ravenswood Leather.  I'd been ogling them at the Highland Games last month, and even though Hannah wasn't there to help button and lace me in today, I tried on one that was just PERFECT.  Right colour, right buttons, right stitching, right size.  Just RIGHT.  Now I need to find someone to make me some tartan trews and I'll be smokin', baby! :D In the meantime, I think it'll look pretty awesome with my long gray wool skirt.  I'm so going steampunk for Halloween this year (assuming I can get to a party), with this piece as the base for the cozzie.  I have the bodice, skirt, hat, and boots.  I just need to come up with some kickin' accessories, and I'm golden.

This is the bodice:  Artemis Bodice  Now imagine it all in dark green with nickle buttons and gray knotwork in the centre.  ...  Yeah.  Dude.

We also noshed on warm cinnomon roasted nuts.  I think these must be the ones [ profile] jaunthie  mentioned having at the Lavender Festival.  Again I say, Dude.  Soooooooo good!  And it's a damned good thing I have a spin class tomorrow morning and the gym on Monday, because I need it after noshing those lovely roasted nuts.  I need to figure out when [ profile] lemurkitten  and I can go climbing together again this week, too.  I need all the exercise I can get!  And I want buff arms to show off when I wear the new bodice. ;D

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How did I spend this sunny Friday?  Not cooped up in an office, at least!  Instead, most of my day was put towards the behind-the-scenes side of theatre.  I spent about 3.5 hours this afternoon helping finish up the costumes for GreenStage's production of A Comedy of Errors, which opened tonight.  (Hope you guys broke lots of legs!)  Before and after that, I spent several hours creating new marketing materials for Driftwood Players. Want to do some easy fundraising?  Driftwood's got a deal for you!  (Okay, the materials don't say that because that would be cheap and sleazy sounding, but you get the idea.)

Other than that, I watched Torchwood: Children of Earth, Day Three this morning; and NordicBoy and I went for some classic Italian-American food for dinner.  Mmm...spaghetti and meatballs!  Hit every spot that needed hitting, that did.

Tomorrow is the Milk Carton Derby at Greenlake and I believe we're gonna walk over and watch people get wet.  Should be fun!

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