Nov. 28th, 2008

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Someone at WW the other week said they know someone who decided for her own reasons that Thanksgiving was about being with friends and family, not about the food. ...  While I enjoy friends and family, let's do a quick reality check here.  Thanksgiving Is All About The Food.

I found the day itself virtually stress free.  I made my cranberry jell-o salad and sweet potato pie on Tuesday.  Cleaned and vacuumed Wednesday night.  Made my stuffing and mashed potatoes Thursday.  NordicBoy was in charge of the bird.  He was a little stressed, but there was no need.  It turned out perfectly.  Yay, NordicBoy!  And Yay , Alton Brown whose recipe he used!

We had a lovely afternoon of food and chatter with my folks and my bro.  [ profile] lethlogica  and her folks came by for dessert, and it was great to see them all.  Much hilarity and food consumption was ehnjoyed by all.

Today is for chilling out and for writing.  I printed out my print galley for my book just now so I can do a final proof on a hard copy.  You always find different things on the page than you do on the screen.  I need to start on it a.s.a.p., too.  It's due to my publisher on 8 Dec.  (I'm so glad I don't have  a regular day job, although I am going into NordicBoy's office on Monday.  And I have to be out somewhere every evening next week.  Thank the gods there's a weekend right before I have to turn this thing in!)

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Never once, when I have dealt with any sort of "upgrade" or renewal, has it been anything other than infuriating to the point where I would in fact beat someone to death with a blunt object if they told me they had anything to do with the company.

May ZoneAlarm die a firey and painful death.  That is my wish.
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Words today:  1856  (Not too shabby after two days of non-wordage.)

Total to date:  58963

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