Nov. 9th, 2009

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I'm actually feeling vaguely positive about politics at the moment.  (Shhhhhh!  Don't tell anyone or I'm sure it'll all come crashing down.)  Locally, we got the mayor I wanted (well, who I didn't want less than I didn't want the other possiblities); the county exec I wanted (the competition was not only completely unqualified but, IMO, underhanded and untrustworthy based on prior and current actions); an assinine anti-tax initiative that would, in the long term, have destroyed things like education funding got soundly beaten down ("First: Fuck Tim Eyman." - The Stranger); the same-sex domestic partnership referendum was approved (maintaining the everything-but-marriage civil partnership law that was already on the books - take that you bigots and haters!); and even the county assessor job went to the person I was hoping for.

And, on a national level, the house passed the huge health care reform bill::happy dances::  I don't understand why people keep arguing against reforming the health care system in the US.  I don't know anyone who doesn't agree that the current system of insurance and HMOs is broken.  Thank all the representatives who voted to pass this. May our elected Senators have the same good sense and get this thing into law A.S.A.P.  Things need to change, and if it means I have to pay a little more on my taxes to know that my neighbor is covered, I'm perfectly okay with that.  That's called social responsibility, and this left-wing liberal is happy to see a trend back this way after all the industry-before-individuals bullshit of the Bush-Cheney years.  There's a dark patch in American history that needs to never happen again!

So I start this week feeling cautiously optimistic, and for cynic like me, that's something to blog about.

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