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Saturday was my first visit to Saint James Cathedral.  I went with [ profile] jaunthie  for the Medieval Women's Choir's holiday concert in which humilitas was singing.  It was lovely!  All songs about St. Nicholas from the 12th-15th or 16th centuries--so there was lot of variety.  (And the one French piece added fuel to my belief that the French are by nature a gorey people. lol)  I got home about 10 or 10:30ish and, being all dressed up, wanted to go out for cocktails.  NordicBoy obliged and put on nice clothes so we could go to this cool bar that's about 1.5 miles from home.  Of course, we couldn't find parking within something like a quarter-mile radius, so, being 1/3 of the way to Ballard anyway, we went over to The Copper Gate (link potentially NSFW), which we'd been wanting to check out.  (You with me so far?  Medieval music in a cathedral; Scandanavian bar in Ballard.) Fabulous Scandinavian themed cocktails!  They have about half a dozen different aquavits you can try (if you're completely insane).  We were too late for food there, so when we left shortly before midnight, I was a little hungry.  NordicBoy said, "Hungry enough for Dick's french fries?"  To which my answer was, "Mmm...Dick's!"  And thus were we off to Dick's Drive-In--where they serve the best fries in the world.  (I need to go there for peppermint ice cream.  It, too, is the best in the world.)  We happily noshed on Specials and fries before finally heading home to bed.  ...  That was Saturday - cathedral; bar; drive-in.

Then, Sunday evening, I met up with [ profile] jaunthie  and humilitas again.  This time for a fabulous dinner to celebrate surviving November and NaNoWriMo.  We went to a great tapas place called Tidbit and had amazing food and drinks.  I had to have the chamagne cocktail (Long story, won't bore you.), which was very tasty, although not half as tasty as the Rock Fish Bisque or the Affogato al Limoncello. ::sigh::  The Pappardelle al Funghi di Bosco was also quite delish, but a little saltier than I needed it to be.  Of course, that didn't stop me eating the entire bowl of it. :D  We then hung out at humilitas's place for an hour or so until it was time for Compline up at Saint Mark's Cathedral.  (You got that?  More food; more ancient music.)  As luck would have it, we happened to arrive on a night when there was organ music after the service.  My response, "Sweet!"  I love organ music.  I was so spoiled as a kid when it comes to great organ music on a great organ.  The organist played three pieces, the first of which was fun and irreverent, the second of which was lovely (and my fave of the three), and the final of which would make a great soundtrack for either a 1960s space spy movie or an episode of Blake's 7.  (It was also another example of the sheer weirdness of the French.)
So, my weekend in a nutshell:  medieval music and great food and drinks.  Not too darned bad, if a little bit odd in this particular combination.  ;)

Now I need to finish up my stuff for my publisher and get it sent off.  Woot!

Oh!  I almost forgot!  Go check out the free holiday stories over at The Samhellion Blog!  Mine will be up tomorrow. :D

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